Mr Pre-Press Speaks: Notes From The Dark Side of Print Production

"fotografiert 100 Meilen Finisher im Ziel'

"Here and Back: Complete Breakdown—And Beyond".
Marathon and Beyond, Sept 07

I remember my final ultra in April 1999. I was a man on the gallows seeing his world for the last time. I was starting a race that I had no enthusiasm for. My quads were huge, but I was deeply tired. Only habit sustained me. I prayed I would make it to the finish line in one piece.

"THE UNDERDOG: Why does the Angeles Crest 100 dwell in the shadows of Leadville, Western States, Wasatch and Hardrock?".
TrailRunner, July 07

Photos: Larry Gassan / Text: Renne Gardner

Jim O'Brien Interview:
Sept 03, UltraRunning

Jim O’Brien, coach, ultra-legend, and unrivalled Angeles Crest 100 record holder announced his retirement from private coaching Sept 1 2003...

Photos: Larry Gassan / Text: Larry Gassan

Mr Trail Safety Speaks!:
"Froggy Legs, Gumby Arms, Monkey Mind"

Hal Koerner Cover Nov 08, UltraRunning

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